What We do

Where is the world heading?

The world’s moving at a fast pace. This pace has given rise to a digital world. Wants have become needs, and these needs are being addressed through digitally social and mobile solutions, apps and websites. But the needs of the fast paced world don’t let you stop here.

Digital Needs Support

These apps, websites and other social platforms need traffic; need people visiting their platforms, subscribing to their services, installing their app, and ultimately generating revenues.

Why is the World going digital?

The logic is simple; if you’ve got to be noticed you have to be digitally visible across the multitude of platforms. Why? Because that is where the conversations happen, the advices are given, decisions are influenced. Social Media is the world where the world connects.

Why choose Digitantra as your digital ally?

We at Digitantra, provide brands with a meaning full entry point to start these conversations, connect with their audience, leading to engagement and usage. Generating ideas, a voice, a game plan that fosters virality through relevant content.

Also on mobile, reach out to millions through innovative messaging solutions. Optimized for all mobile devices, perfectly tailored for all cross media solutions.

Digitantra To Your Rescue

And this is where Digitantra, a young and vibrant Mobile Media & Entertainment company steps in. Focusing on value added services for mobile phone users and digital media solutions; Digitantra specializes in creating and building product reputation. Basically, help your product/service to become the need, among the many other products/services trying to cater to similar needs.

Digitantra helps clients and partners achieve their goals by providing other custom solutions like lead generation, relationship management & Digital media campaigns.